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Ashtanga / Vinyasa Flow

Pranayama & Meditation

Energy healing

Vegan & Healthy Eating


My name is Gabor Gyulai and I am a Bristol, UK based 200-hour certified FitYoga Teacher.

I went to my first yoga class in 2013 because I was suffering from lower back pain. Typical modern day problem, human body is not designed for sitting in front of a computer all day.

Originally I just wanted to do some stretching but I found a complete mind, body and spirit practice. Immediately I became a regular in my local yoga studio and started to learn from foundations. 

My curiosity drove me to  try various styles and different teachers, I mostly practiced Hatha yoga and Vinyasa Flow and I also took a course in Forrest Inspired yoga. It did not take long to realise my desire to deepen my practice further and to spread my love for yoga. 

I took a deep breath and opened a new chapter in my life. I went to Malta and I completed my 200-hour FitYoga Teacher Training with the amazing and very inspirational Balazs Heller in October 2017. It was transformational to say the least.

My teaching comes from my heart and my spirit, with a love for a balance between calming the mind and a healthy work out of the body. 


I have always been active and outgoing in my life, I love walking in nature. I enjoy working with own bodyweight, big fan of Calisthenics, I am a keen cyclists and occasionally I enjoy indoor climbing. 

I am also a keen Acroyoga practitioner, it builds trust in yourself and in your partners and it is totally fun too.

I am a Prananadi Level 3 Master and Reiki Level 1 Practitioner. Energy healing not only works on physical but subtle layers too and it also perfectly compliments a meditation session or yoga practice.

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